Sean Rooney is an artist who uses balloons in a delightfully original way.
 A trailblazing innovator, he has developed techniques to make magic, music, fashion, sculpture, puppets, and sound effects using balloons as his sole visible (and acoustic) prop. 
He has been performing and sculpting for over twenty years, in thirty countries, in venues big and small. His performances are fun, funny, and tuned to each particular audience, and his sculptures have been featured in major museums and festivals.

Career highlights include:

On a balloon-powered adventure around the world, Sean is a performer equally comfortable in a wide variety of environments. Adapting his show to suit the environment and the people around him stylistically, conceptually, and linguistically, he really is an entertainer for "Children of all ages." Running the gamut from sophisticated to slapstick, from intriguing manipulations to mind-blowing effects, his presentations delight and amaze in equal measure.

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